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Refinancing Information

Qualify Quickly online for a guaranteed rate offer from top rated lenders. 


No shopping around needed.

  • Simply answer the questions from the questionnaire.

  • Quickly get a rate offer after a phone call.

  • No teaser rates, lock-in the exact rate & term offer.

  • Rate offers from the top rated banks and direct lenders.

Please contact us for the current interest rates.

We work with the best mortgage bank lenders


Customer Reviews


“Totally different way of lending, I answered their questions online, got a certificate voucher, I called them myself and locked the rate. Loan funded in 3 weeks. Nicest customer reps ever, they are so jolly.”


-Adam Kant



“You ask yourself why hasn't any other lender thought of this, it's not rocket science, just give me what you told me I'd get! Love these guys, they made the refi process so simple. Thanks guys.”


-Kevin Walker



“For me refinancing is up there with getting your tooth pulled, 2 million calls later and I still don't know what I was getting. Went online tried out Simco and voila! Got the best rate available! They are just too nice, makes you feel you are talking to your grandma.”

-Tracy Frank

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